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You Have An Amazing Family!

When you get your family fixed, you will be unique in today's world... Most families are broken you know. People will say to you with open envy, "What an AMAZING family! How do you do it?"

Learn How

Get Back to a Happy Family!


Simple, proven solutions to fix your family troubles and return to happiness.

We take our experience in raising 10 children and help you find happiness, peace, and fulfillment in your family. As you apply these simple, easy, family fixes, you'll find that people all around you will be delighted with your amazing family.

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The Magic Bullet of Family Success

Sariah Sweeping“What is ‘the secret’ to having an amazing family? I mean, if there is one thing you can tell us that will make all the difference… what is it?”

This, of course, is the “magic bullet” question.

And, we get asked something like this all the time.

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A Revolutionary New Way to Parent


Stop disciplining your child! Stop fighting, arguing, and fussing. There’s a better way… 101 Days of Family Fun can change everything for you.

What Will You Do For Fun?

Just think how much time, money and energy people spend having fun!

Discover how to harness that power to create an AMAZING family.

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Secretly “Infect” Your Family!

Secretly “infect” infect your family with life skills, respect, and obedience…

They won’t even realize it’s happening because they’ll be having too much fun.

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7 Secrets Take a Small Town By Storm…


Inside the 7 Secrets of Successful Parenting

  • Secret #3 – A really fun “hobby” that will change your children into superstars
  • Secret #5 – Invisible, unlimited power to solve parenting problems… are you using it?
  • Secret #1 – Eliminate parenting and family stress with this. It changes everything.
  • And much more

“Please run it again!”

7 Secrets was recorded by a small town TV station. At the request of viewers, they re-ran it for over 2 years. Find out why!

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Transform Your Life and Your Family

These 7 Secrets will challenge your parenting beliefs, stretch your thinking, and help your family in amazing ways.

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Family Fireside Chats

Enjoy a weekly Family Fireside Chat with Joshua & Margie. 

These audio programs usually last 10-40 minutes. We answer 
questions, give advice, and tips on best practices. Topics might include…

  • The good and bad of peer pressure
  • Stop disciplining and start having fun!
  • Parenting with the KLT Law
  • Thriving in marital firestorms
  • Stop sibling fighting
  • Life-skills of money, work, health, and fun
  • And so much more!

Join Us Today 

FREE Family Guide:
"3 Secrets to a Very Happy Family"


Plus 3 Bonus Gifts...

**Parenting Answers Podcast - Weekly insights, best practices and secrets from Joshua & Margie
**The Family Fix Insider - Regular articles, stories, and tips from the entire Boswell Clan (children included!)
**Marriage & Family Q&A Certificate - Joshua and Margie will answer ANY one question to help you with your family, marriage, and children.

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TransformYour Teens

Would you like happy, respectful, hard-working teens ? With our new parenting system, you can rapidly transform your teens into amazing young adults. We'll show you how using the power of Fun!

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Frustrated With Your Family?

Are you frustrated with your family ... your spouse and children? Family life should bring you more joy than anything else. These 7 Secrets of Successful Parenting will show you how.

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